A Big Thank You!

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It was fabulous to see all of Hannah’s hard work being celebrated at the Active Wandsworth Awards again this year, receiving her award from Aaron Mckibbon, Paralympic 2016 medalist in Table tennis.

Hannah and her family would like to thank a number of people for supporting Hannah and allowing her to live and pursue her dream over the past few years:

Maria Foster, Kirsty Ruiz Vazquez, Nicola Roffe, Paulina Raad, Cleo Hooper, Katie Richards, Vicki Pearson, Daniela Balova, Maria Gateva, Borislava Llieva, Suzanne Haslam, Sarah Moon, Tim Harkness, Darya Topic, Lynne Hutchison, also supporting Mary Wright, Aisha Walter, David & Jansel Hews, Sports Aid, Bank of Canada, Paul Frazer, Alan & Jackie Martin, Roy & Ruth Priestly.

It is also great to see Hannah Pictured on the Gymblast beginning of year and Sportfolio



Results of the November 2016 Test Event Ranked Hannah Number 1 of the Junior event and Num. 1 Junior GRB. So we leave the year on a high!!

Thank you all again and encourage you all to keep dreaming and following those dreams.

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